[Lesson 1] 1. Khop Kun Krap

" I have never heard Thai yet. "
Maybe there is a person as above, so please listen to the Thai to learn how to pronounce the word.

Khop Kun Krap (Male)

Khop Kun Ka (Female)

(Click on the word above and you can hear it in Thai.)

How about ?
It is impossible to write Thai pronunciation in English spelling.
So this lesson will be providing Thai pronunciation by Thai native.

Meaning = Thank you very much.
When a person learns any language, a first word is "Thank you".
I think so.

You can understand easily this meaning by checking word by word.
Khop = To thank
Kun = you
Krap = To be polite.

How to use.
There is no difficult usage in especially.
Please use this sentence when you would like to say "Thank you." same as English.

About [Krap] to be polite.
In Thai,
"If say "Krap" in the end of sentence, this sentence changes to be polite."
It is very easy to study.
But please care about one point,
a man would say [Krap], a woman would say [Ka].

[Krap] = Male
[Ka] = Female

About pronunciation of [Krap]
Thai has letters that are corresponded to "r" and "l" in English too.
That meaning is, Thai has
trilled r's
and normal l.

Please pronounce [Krap] with trilled r's.

Many Thai people (especially young people) are not pronounce "r" or "l", they pronounce to [Kap].
But please say [Krap] due to have a correct pronunciation.

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