[Lesson 1] 2. Sawaddi Krap

Please listen to the Thai to learn how to pronounce the word.

Sawaddi Krap (Male)

Sawaddi Ka (Female)

(Click on the word above and you can hear it in Thai.)

Meaning = salute
A salute in Thai is very easy.

Good morning.
Good evening.
Good afternoon.
Good night.

All salutes in Thai as above,
are only one word,
Sawaddi Krap

How to use.
When a foreigner comes Thailand, there is one anxious thing.
That is a situation that a foreigner had received this salute from Thai people.
Thai people salutes slowly by placing the hands palm against palm and rising them. At this time, many of foreigners do not know to reply to this salute and are in anxiety.
If you had received this salute from your superiors, you must give him same salute. You must say [Sawaddi Krap] and make same gesture.
If you had received it from child or at restaurant, it is no problem that you did not join your hands. But please say to them [Sawaddi Krap] with politeness.

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