[Lesson 1] 5. Chok Dee Krap

Please listen to the Thai to learn how to pronounce the word..

Chok Dee Krap(Male)

Chok Dee Ka (Female)

(Click on the word above and you can hear it in Thai.)

Meaning = Good luck.
A nuance in Thai is very close to it in English.
Meaning of each words are as follows.

Chok = Luck
Dee = Good
Krap = To be polite.

Yes, nuances of these languages are just close.

How to use.
A usage of this is same in English.

When you take leave of your friend, you say

Chok Dee (Good luck.)

This is usual salute same as "Good luck".

If you leave from Thai to back to your country,
you say,

Lah Gaun (Good-bye)

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