[Lesson 1] 4. Kun Sabai Dee Mai Krap

Please listen to the Thai to learn how to pronounce the word.

Kun Sabai Dee Mai Krap (Male)

Kun Sabai Dee Mai Ka (Female)

(Click on the word above and you can hear it in Thai.)

Meaning = How are you?
A literal translation is above. You can easily understand meaning by separating word-by-word.
Kun = You
Sabai = to be well, happy
Dee = good
Mai = interrogative
Krap = to be polite.

How to use.
This sentence is a salute when meeting a friend same in English " How are you ? ".

If you take this salute, please answer as follow.

Sabai Dee Krap (Male)

Sabai dee Ka (Female)

Meaning = I'm fine.

If you are not fine, please replay as follows. ^)^...

Mai Sabai Krap (Male)

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