4. Chun Ja Yoo Kap Tur

Chun Ja Yoo Kap Tur

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Meaning = I will be with you.
This phrase is used into Thai song much.
So I use [Tur] in this section.
Of cause, please say
[Chun Ja Yoo Kap Kun]
with respect too.

Check word by word.
Chun = I
Ja = shall,will, should, would
Yoo = to be, to live, to reside, to inhabit ..
Kap = with, together, as, and
Tur= you

The order of words in this phrase is same as English phrase.
But usually, the order of words of Thai phrase is not same as English phrase.
It is difficulty for us to study Thai language.

How to use.
Both men and women can use this phrase too.
It is no necessary to explain about usage for this phrase too.

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