1. Chun Ruk Kun

Chun Ruk Kun

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Meaning = I love you.
What phrase is your first phrase in English ?
"This is a pen." or "I love you." ^)^...

Check word by word.
Chun = I
Ruk = love
Kun = you

How to use.
Both men and women can use this phrase.
It is not necessary to explain about usage for this phrase as you know.
Even though you are frowned at saying this phrase much, I am not responsible. ^)^...

About "you" in Thai.
There are two word, "Kun" and "Tur", mean "You" in Thai.
"Tur" is usually more friendly word.

In a strict sense,

[Kun] Use against elder person with showing respect and honor.
[Tur] Use against younger person or friend.

I think,
[Tur] is good sound and there is no age between a lover and a love.
So Thai song uses [Tur] much.

A nuance between [Kun] and [Tur],
When they start to have friendly,
When they become lovers,
[Chun Ruk Tur]
I think so . . .

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