[Lesson 4] 2. Negative sentence.

In Thai language, a negative sentence is made by using negative words, example , , .

Sample sentence
Positive sentence. Negative sentence.
A friend has a book.

A friend does not have a book.
I came to visit a friend.

I could not come to visit a friend.
He is a my friend.

He is not a my friend.
I will come here again.

I will not come here again.

  1. Position of negative word.
    As you know to compare sentences on right and left, a negative word is placed before a verb.
    As sample 4), if there is an auxiliary verb " = shall, will", a negative word is placed before a verb, after an auxiliary verb.

  2. How to use negative word.
    You can understand easily it to compare Thai and English as follows.
    • = no, not, do not
      To use for a usual negative sentence.

    • = cannot, to fail, not again, not get, it is impossible
      This negative word includes a meaning of "cannot" or "It is impossible.".

    • = no, not, not that, is not
      As you know to see Example 3), is used instead of .
      " = is", so " = is not".

  3. is shortened to
    This short word is not used in usual conversation, but to be used in Thai song.
    List some samples as follows,
    • = not, do not, cannot, not get

    • = not so, no, do not, that is not right

    • = not give

    You can understand a difference of meanings to compare with "2. How to use a negative word."

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