[Lesson 3] 2. Omission of vowel [].

Omitting a vowel which is placed after the first consonant of the diploid consonant.
But should be pronounced clearly.

Example of omission of vowel.
Example word Pronunciation Meaning
[ga-ti-gaa] rule
[ka-nom] dessert
[ja-mook] nose
[cha-lart] clever
[cha-nit] kind, sort
[ta-lart] market
[ta-harn] soldier
[pa-som] to mix
[pa-yaa] King, lord
[sa-bai] to be well
[a-roy] delicious

  1. On the right of word, writing a way to read that is separated into each syllable.
  2. About on the second syllable.
    Please see the second syllable carefully, it has in the first place or not.
    Because a tone of the second consonant changes according to a tone of the first consonant.
    In actually, as follows.

    The first consonant The second consonant A change of tone
    middletone lowtone change
    hightone lowtone change
    middletone middletone no change
    hightone hightone no change

    When the first consonant is the middletone or hightone and the second consonant is the lowtone, a tone of the second syllable changes to hightone.

This explanation is hard again, but I don't remember above a tone of consonants. After all we must remember word by word to hear and speak.

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