[Lesson 3] 1. Diploid consonant, the 1st.

There are many diploid consonants in Thai language.
A pronunciation is as same as in English.
Diploid consonants are distinguished two groups by a number of usable tones.

1. Diploid consonants can use five different tones.
Sample of tones:

Sample word Pronunciation Meaning
[gring] to mistrust
[gling] a name of Thai tree
[gwarng] wide
[priow] sour
[ploy] to release

2. Diploid consonants can use three different tones.
Sample of tones:

Sample word Pronunciation Meaning
[kloo-oy] flute, reed pipe
[kwarng] to throw
[krung] time
[klai] to resemble, to look alike
[kwarn] to extract
[prom] ready, set
[ploong] to rush out

The above lesson is hard from the first page, but it is not necessary to remember these groups.
Actual points is as follows.

  1. About a pronunciation of [r] and [l].
    In formal, [r] and [l] should be pronounced clearly and differently same as English, but Thai people usually pronounce no clear difference between [r] and [l].

  2. About slurring a pronunciation of [r] and [l].
    Many Thai people slurs [r] and [l] that is the second letter of a diploid consonant.

    Many Thai people slurs [r] and [l] in the spoken language without a formal place or school class.

    An actual sample of omitting:
    [ploy] ---> [poy]
    [krung] ---> [kung]

  3. About a pronunciation of
    You must make a mouth narrower as same as a vowel when pronouncing this letter.
    Please make a mouse narrower when pronouncing [g].
    It is not only in case of a diploid consonant, you must do anytime when pronouncing .

  4. In case of a diploid consonant + a diphthong + .
    [priow] ---> [peeow]
    Many people has heard this word because it is a usual word. But, do you know both a word and a pronunciation. A diploid consonant [r], a diphthong and are slurred.
    The last letter is , so you must make a mouse narrower in the last.
    People tends to make a mouse narrower in any country when eating a sour food. ^)^

  5. The last, I don't explain about in this homepage.
    Because I know that many people studies about this letter in the first time.

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