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When many people see the Thai letters, they usually think "I cannot read at all." But Thai letter is a phonogram same as English. It is not difficult for you to read Thai letters. Let's try to read !

Lesson 1 Thai letters
  1. Consonant (A data size is a little large.)
    There are 44 consonant.
  2. Vowel
    There are short vowel, long vowel and double vowel.
  3. Tone group
    Thai letters have tone itself, there are three groups as,
    High, Middle and Low tone group.
  4. Tone symbol
    Thai word tone changes by tone symbol.

Lesson 2 Pronunciation 1
  1. Groups depend on pronunciation
  2. No spirit sound and Spirit sound
  3. Changes of language

Lesson 3 Pronunciation 2
  1. Diploid consonant, the 1st.
  2. Omission of vowel.
  3. Consonant to change tone.
  4. Diploid consonant, the 2nd.
  5. Final consonant, the 1st.
  6. Syllable of consonant and vowel.

    Coffee Break [1] A head is rotating.

  7. Final consonant, the 2nd.
  8. Final consonant, the 3rd.
  9. Final consonant, the 4th.
  10. Symbol for voiceless.

    Coffee Break [2] "SEMAKUTE"

Lesson 4 Grammar
  1. Modifier.
  2. Negative sentence.
  3. Interrogative sentence.
  4. Imperative sentence.
  5. Wish sentence.

    Coffee Break [3] Tongue twister.

I will make step by step, please wait a moment.

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