Coffee Break [2]


I am living in Thai, and I have asked a question from Thai friend,
"What is the meaning of "SEMAKUTE" ?"
I asked him about his question in detail.
It is a Thai joke,
"Many Japanese says always "SEMAKUTE, SEMAKUTE"."

When Japanese welcomes a visitor in his house,
Japanese sometimes says with modesty as follows,
"Sorry that my house is a little."

a little = "SEMAKUTE" in Japanese

If speak this word fast, can hear "SEMAKUTE"

The meaning is,
[say] = walk zigzag
[ma] = come
[ku] = I, me (friendly word)
[te'] = kick
So, "When walk zigzag (to be blind drunk) , I kick (something)."

Probably ... ^)^...

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