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Wat Na Pratat

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  • gate [ Location ]
    About 35 km from Korat city.
    Turn right from Highway No.304 and go straightly about 5 km.

    [ Outline ]
    A beautiful decorated gate comes in sight on the corner of curve.
    After passed through a gate, a big alter and Buddha image comes in sight on the right.
    A room for priest is made under this alter.
    An old chapel
    A new chapel
    A new chapel and an old chapel are built side by side.

    Visitors can see the beautiful mural paintings of the early Rattanakosin period on the walls of a old chapel's entrance.
    And the new chapel is decorated elaborately more beautiful than other temples.
    An old spire
    A new building
    A very old spire is built on the front of an old chapel.
    A new building is built on the side of it, and a few images are enshrined under this building.
    In the back yard, there is a very old woody building in the pond.
    It is so-called "Monastic Library".

    The passed age of this temple is appeared by matching old things with new things.
    The old things are kept without additional work.
    I think there is no this characteristic in other temples.

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