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Main Sanctuary

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[Prasat Muang Tam]
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  • Main Sanctuary
  • Main Sanctuary Map 1. South Gopura
    2. Inner Wall
    3. Central Sanctuary

    A double wall surrounds a main sanctuary,
    "Gopura" are placed on the west, east south and north.

    According to a basic sanctuary's architecture of Khmer culture, this sanctuary has a original characteristic that four L-shaped ponds are placed on the space between outer wall and inner wall.
    Panorama of Outer Wall
    Click this photo, can see a complete view (panorama, 32 k bytes).

    A complete view of outer wall
    Local girls This place is very quiet, a harmony of sutra comes from the neighbor temple, a peaceful surroundings is caused together with a sunset.

    A man and his girl friend are sitting, the children who live in the neighborhood are playing, this park is on intimate place for the local people.

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