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Out look of Main Sanctuary

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    Click this photo, can see a complete view (panorama, 21 k bytes).
    After had gone up stairs, a main sanctuary is come in sight.
    Visitor can understand the common part of sanctuaries of the Khmer culture because this sanctuary similar to Phimai's it.

    800 years ago from now on, a top of the hill, an ancient people had made this so big sanctuary. How many labor had been spent for making it in that time ?
    It is very hard to make this so big sanctuary if a big power of King of ancient Khmer, the faith of pious peoples, industry, various elements had not overlapped.
    Outer South Entrance
    Main Sanctuary Map

    1. Main Sanctuary

    2. Brick Sanctuary

    3. Library

    This sanctuary has carvings of Pediment, lintel and pilaster that is a characteristic of Khmer culture. The whole sanctuary has been kept well, visitor can appreciate the carvings of Khmer culture style.

    "Gopura" on east, west, south and north.
    "Main Sanctuary"
    Small buildings on the both sides.
    The basic plan is completely similar to Phimai's sanctuary.

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