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  • klangmai
    There are two department stores which named "Klang Plaza" in Khorat city.
    The locals call them as,
    new "Klang Plaza" "Klang Mai",
    ("Mai" means "new" in Thai.)
    called the old "Klang Plaza" "Klang Gau".
    ("Gau" means "old" in Thai.)
    "Klang Mai" has tenants as follows.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken,
    Mister Donuts, and
    M&D restaurant.

    This store is relatively new, it has a big parking tower.
    It's located in the city, many customers visit here everyday.
    This store sells many goods from various reputable brand names (made in Italy or France).
    The customer can buy The price is much cheaper than those sold in Japan.