Korat Magazine

Korat Cat

Do you konw "Korat Cat"?
If you love a cat, you know.

Called "Meaw Si Sawat" in Thai,
called "Korat Cat" in the world.
Yes, this Korat is the origin of famous Korat Cat.

The fur color of Korat Cat is "Silver-Blue".
This special color charms cat lover.

If you are American.
You can bring Korat Cat to America.
If you want to boast as,
"I bought Korat Cat from Korat."
Please come to Korat.
(If you are not American, please check your country law.)
And the price is expensive or not, it depends on you.
There is
"Korat Cat Conservation Club"
in Phimai where is a real origin city.

They are the President and his wife of that club.

The number of member is 50 and over. They open contest every month in Phimai.
The presidet has received many prize of Korat Cat contest in Bnagkok. He is very famous among Korat Cat Breeder.
Don't necessary to say, because you can see many trophy behind them.

The president breeds cat in backyard.
There is many kittens because the member is 50 and over.

The airplane company introduces you about export.

This is a pen of other member.
A mother cat is going to have a baby pretty soon.

The cats is 3rd or 4th generation, the blood is going to be pure.
If Korat Cat hasa a small white spot, the cat cannot join the contest.
The breeding is not easy.
This is a cat in my house.
He is Korat Cat, name is "Blue".
Korat Cat takes kindly to people and very pretty.
I love Korat Cat also.