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  • Numerous fresh vegetables, herbs and spices.
    Certainly, it is in many ways the most healthy.

    The indigenous cuisine of I-San is arguably the most distinctive of all regional Thai food.

    While it can be claimed that other Thai food need not be particularly spicy, or 'chili hot', I-San food is, by its very nature, tongue-tingling. Indeed, bland I-San food is a travesty.

    Traditional I-San fare is almost always eaten with glutinous rice, or 'sticky' rice, and is notable for its oftentimes exotic ingredients. These include vitamin-rich vegetables, including succulent bamboo, banana flower and eggplant, and a great many fishes herbs and spices, some of which have recognized medicinal value -- such as chilies, which are believed to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    Classic I-San food

    indigenous fruits
    Classic I-San food, the grilled chicken, papaya salad, somtam, fresh vegetables and glutinous rice combination, chilies, the major fiery ingredient of northeastern food, indigenous fruits enjoyed as desserts.

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