Please see this page in the first.

Please confirm as follows before you reserve.

  1. How to reserve.
    Reservation is very easy.
    Please send your plan to us.
    After that, our staff will contact you for the booking confirmation and fares with us via E-MAIL.

  2. Payment.
    Basically, please transfer money on deposit to our bank account.
    We will make an arrangement for amount of deposit after you send us your plan.

  3. About changing your reservation or cancel.
    Our policy is "no agency in foreign country."
    We are saving expense because of providing good service to customer.
    If you will change your schedule or cancel, please let us know it via E-MAIL or FAX as follows as soon as possible.
    Please understand our policy for keeping a good service hereafter.

    [Contact To]
    I-San Office

    TEL/FAX: 66-44-256-637
    Attn: Takeshi Sekighchi

    License Number from TAT: 11/873

  4. About air ticket.
    Sorry, we are not providing international airline ticket to customer,
    because many international airline ticket is on sell on other website as you know.
    Please buy your favorite ticket in your side.
    Of cause, we are providing domestic airline ticket in Thailand.

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