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KURODA Japanese Restaurant
[ Gourmet Cooking & Chicken Specialist ]


We are specialized of Free Range Chicken.
Gourmet Japanese Cuisine.

We would like to welcome you,
Try the best Chicken (Free Range Chicken) dish.

Main Dinning Room
Just like at HOME, in Japan
[Chicken Dish]
We use only Free Range Chicken
for our Chicken Dish
Any Style that you prefer
  • Yakitori or Steak
  • Sashimi or Sushi
  • Pot or Tempura,
  • Noodles, Curry and rice.

    Note : we raised our own CHICKEN, so is the butchering.
  • There are many representatives of Japanese company in Korat.
    The Japanese foods for Japanese in foreign country, it is not only for Japanese taste, but it is for keeping health and power to carry out hard work.
    So many Japanese company's representatives visit us for their lunch and dinner
    Japanese customer
    Japanese regular customers

    Please drop in,
    Bangkok Branch
    Ayuttaya Branch
    Patanakarn Branch too.

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