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  • Song Grahn festival is a Thai new year and a time for family unification.
    It is a time for Thais to come home and taking the holy water (from the Buddhist temple) to gently sprinkle their parents and grand parents.
    In return, their parents will give them blessing.
    However, this event gradually develops to be the "water festival" which the Thais will sprinkle water to their neighbors.
    Nowadays, it has been regarded as a nationwide "water festival".
    Visitors will see the locals sprinkle water to each other for three days.
    Local peoples cheerfully sprinkle water to each other by cruising on a pick-up truck loaded with water.
    On the peak hours ( 15:00 - 18:00 ) in Korat city, there are traffic jams by pick-up trucks.
    Car and car
    The people of all age are filling up their water containers to the rim.
    From a child to an adult, many Thai peoples enjoy this event.
    onroad On the road, peoples have a pail filled with water in their hands waiting for passing by pick-up trucks.
    They will sprinkle water to the peoples on those pick-up.
    sontew tuktuk
    They sprinkled water on all people which are passing by.
    None complains about the water for these three days.
    If you don't want to be wet, you must get in a car and lock the doors.
    If you forget to lock the doors, you may be wet!!.

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