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Market of stalls

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[The Phimai Festival]

  • Exhibition of history
  • Classical Dance
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Light & Sound Presentation
  • Market of stalls
  • Traditional Boat Racing
  • Mini amusement park
  • Local Production
  • A gate of market A road in front of an entrance of Phimai Historical Park is opened up a pedestrian precinct. Various stalls open side by side in there, it increases the feeling of event.

    A special gate is created at the entrance of bridge on the river where is performed the boat race.
    A market of stalls
    Many stalls are standing closely in both side of road.
    Sweets, drinks, Ice creams, daily goods, clothes, shoes....
    Every things is sold in here.

    There is a daily goods shop that is selling all goods for 19 Baht only same as Japanese 100 Yen shop.

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