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Light & Sound Presentation "Wimayanattakarn episode"

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  • Exhibition of history
  • Classical Dance
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Light & Sound Presentation
  • Market of stalls
  • Traditional Boat Racing
  • Mini amusement park
  • Local Production
  • Wimayanattakarn1
    Location: A special stage on "Passage Way"

    A,B seat (A front of the stage) --- 200 Baht
    C,D seat (A side of the stage) ---- 100 Baht

    And a free space is prepared for people.
    Wimayanattakarn2 This show uses light and sound effect according to sub-title.
    The powerful sound effect is created by a high power speaker system.

    The smoke and gas spout are used to produce a effect.
    Fireworks is used in some places.
    A phantom scene is created by mixing smoke, light, fireworks and sound.
    At the ending, all performers stand on the stage which cannot put on one-shot.
    The show that is performed by 400 - 500 persons has a great value to see.

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