A 2000 km trip of I-SAN

Our 6 persons traveled 7 days long distance trip, Bangkok -> Korat -> Udon Thani -> Loei -> Phitsanulok -> Sukhothai -> Bangkok, in December of the last year. We moved 2,000 kilometer by car, acrossed the middle of I-SAN area up to North, and go to West through the mountains, and go to South along the Chao Phraya river. We had some happenings, but we said together it is the first time for us to have a very reasonable and excited trip after back to Bangkok.
I can remember the kindness and smile of I-SAN's peoples, for example, when we asked "Why do you come to I-SAN not to go to Chiang Mai?" at the restaurant in Utaradit, when we got unknown fruit for free from old woman in the market, when a lady in book shop explained the Thai's map in specific, a girl introduced us the lottery in the local village between the mountains.
Actually, I-SAN has no famous attractions except for Khmer ruins on the Japanese guide book.@But I-SAN has simple real life of Thai people who try to survive their best. We attracted this point.
We said "Not necessary to visit Bangkok in the nest time."
January 3rd, 2001

[Many thanks from Korat Magazine]

To Mr. YAMAMOTO's group
Many thanks for Mr. YAMAMOTO to give us his diary. He came to Korat twice, two years ago (1999) and last year (2000) with our service. We, all staff, thank him and his friends who love Korat, I-SAN and nature of Thailand.
Thank you very much again.
Best regards, from Korat Magazine
Takeshi Sekiguchi

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